Mercury's Music


Self-taught composer with almost 6 years of experience. Some say that's what make my music sound unique.
I'm in love with synth music and I know how to create it with taste. Whether it's techno, synthwave, dark trip-hop, or ambient, I can provide interesting and well-done sound.


- $20 per minute of complete music if you pick a track from my library;
- $30 per minute of complete music if you want me to write it from scratch;
- Price doubles if you want to claim exclusive rights to use a track.


Use Buy out
Being Milky $60 $120
The Deepest Depth $45 $90
Star Boulevard $60 $120
Tyranny $60 $120
Garage $60 None
Gloomy Friday $40 $80
Use Me $55 $110

And many other tracks from my library! Ask me personally for more :)